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<applet code="scrollingmenu.class" width=320 height=20>

The applet tag.You can change applet's width and height.
<param name=bgcolor value="40408A">

This parameter changes background color. Please do not use "#".
<param name=fgcolor value="FFFFFF">

This parameter changes foreground (text) color. Please do not use "#".
<param name=font_type value="TimesNewRoman">

This parameter changes font type. Please be careful case sensitivity.
3- "Tahoma"
4- "TimesNewRoman"
5- "TimesRoman".
<param name=font_size value="12">

This parameter changes font size.
<param name=font_style value="0">

This parameter changes font style.
"0" Plain
"1" Bold
"2" Italic
"3" Italic+Bold
<param name=delay_time value="60">

This parameter changes menu's scroll speed. Ýt determine delay time (milisecond).
<param name=applet_text value="Home##scrollingmenu's parameters">
This parameter changes menu's text. Please don't forget ## between links.
<param name=link1 value="home.html">

First link: link1 -> home.html
<param name=link2 value="no">

Second link: But it's value is "no". Because, this menu element(second) don't has a link.
<param name=link_documentbase value="yes">

If this parameter's value "yes", html files search applet's virtual directory. If this parameter's value "no", you must write complete address (
<param name=target_frame value="_self">

This parameters determines target frame's name.
<param name=keynumber value="3868">

This parameter protects this software.


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